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Raatteen Maraton:

Raatteen Maraton

Raatteen Maraton 17.8.2024

Raatteen Maraton is run on track known for the legendary battles of the Winter War on Raatteentie from the border zone to the municipal centre of Suomussalmi. The historical marathon route includes several battle sites and memorials of the Winter War. The purpose of the event is to honour the generation of veterans who fought for intependent Finland and to cherish the history of Raatteentie.

Raatteen Maraton - Tietoa tapahtumasta kuva
Raatteen Maraton - Tietoa tapahtumasta kuva
Raatteen Maraton - Tietoa tapahtumasta kuva

Event info

From battle sites to urban areas

An emotional marathon full of history

In Raatteen Maraton, you can experience the history of the Winter War on a unique route that passes famous battle sites and monuments. What could be better than running to honor the Fatherland and the veterans who defended it.

Running distances for many tastes

In addition to the marathon, you can choose between running distances of 21.1 km or 10 km. In addition, there is a mile-long Hippomarathon for childrens. In the marathon, slightly more than half of the distance is run on gravel roads and the rest on asphalt.

Raatteen Maraton tips

Running, culture, nature and history

Raatteen Maraton is more than just running. You can combine a marathon weekend with an introduction to Raate’s military history, explore the diverse cultural offerings of Suomussalmi or even go hiking in Hossa National Park.

Raatteen Maraton - Raatteen sotahistoria kuva

Raate military history

Before or after the run, you should take a closer look at Raate’s impressive military history and visit the Raatteenportti’s Winter War museum.

Raatteen Maraton - Haasta ystäväsi kunnolla kuva

Challenge your friends!

The Raatteen Maraton weekend is best enjoyed with a good friend. Challenge your friends to the event and spend a relaxing weekend with running, nature and culture!

Raatteen Maraton - Kulttuuri ja luonto kuva

Culture and nature

After the Raatteen Maraton, you should not rush away from Suomussalmi, but enjoy another day or two of the diverse cultural offerings of the locality or hike in the magnificent Hossa National Park.

Register now

Lock in your event goals in time

Raatteen Maraton has staggered participation fees, so the earlier you sign up, the more you save. And the same time you can focus on the main thing, training.

Raatteen Maraton news

Stay up to date and pick up the best tips

Follow the news of the Raate Marathon and stay up to date with the benefits, offerings and other interesting information of the event.

Raatteen Maraton - Uutiset kuva

Cooperation between Raatteen Maraton and Kainuun Liikunta continues

The main organizers behind the Raatteen Maraton arrangements are Suomussalmi Rasti and the municipality of Suomussalmi. Since the beginning of the event, Kainuun Liikunta ry ...
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Raatteen Maraton - Uutiset kuva

Raatteen Maraton will be run on Saturday 17.8.2024

Raatteen Maraton will be run on the third weekend of August, Saturday 17.8.2024. You should reserve time for the marathon trip for the whole weekend ...
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Raatteen Maraton - Uutiset kuva

Registration opens in February 2024

Registration for the Raatteen Maraton 2024 opens at the beginning of February. The first price tier is open until the end of February, so it’s ...
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As a partner of the Raatteen Maraton, you support sports and physical activity in Suomussalmi

Raatteen Maraton’s partnership is an investment in promoting local well-being, as the proceeds of the event go to Suomussalmi Rasti to promote physical activity and sports in Suomussalmi residents.