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Eeka project (the Endurance Experiences in Kainuu)

15.09.2015 Kainuu Sports Association launched a three-year  ERDF – funded development project of sports tourism events.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the sport tourism in Kainuu and the added income from tourism.

The aim is to increase the number of participants in the so-called old event as well as to launch new annual events with growing number of participants.  In addition.

So called the old events involved in this project are Kainuu Orienteering Week, Vuokatti Hiihto ski marathon and Lost in Kajaani Adventure Race. New events are the Raate Marathon and The Ruthless Raja (Raja ski & Raja fatbike), Vuokatti Challenge Trail and Lost In Kajaani Winter Edition.

The project focuses on the development, particularly e-marketing events, as well as international marketing and the creation of new events and their related services / events. The project has a budget of EUR 343 000. The project manager is the Kainuu Sports Association.