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Vuokatti Hiihto:

Vuokatti Hiihto

Vuokatti Hiihto Ski Marathon 8.2.2025

Top condition ski trails, functional arrangements and snowy hill landscapes guarantee a skiing experience that will stay in your mind for a very long time! At Vuokatti Hiihto you will find a wide range of cross-country skiing distances from 14 km to 100 km in both skiing styles.

Vuokatti Hiihto - Tietoa tapahtumasta kuva

Event info

The sunniest skiing event of spring

The end of the ski season in top conditions

Vuokatti Hiihto is a cross-country skiing event that brings together both fitness skiers and olympic athletes. Over the years, Vuokatti Hiihto has become the final event of the cross-country skiing season for many. People relax with friends, enjoy Vuokatti’s facilities and visit the legendary and traditionally Naapurinvaara ski dances, for example.

Euroloppet is ski tourism at its best

Vuokatti Hiihto belongs to the Euroloppet marathon skiing series, which consists of the most spectacular skiing events in Europe. Ski touring around Euroloppet events is a nice way to get to know new places and cross-country skiing cultures. With the Euroloppet passport, you can always take part in the events of the series at a cheaper price.

Vuokatti Hiihto tips

More than a skiing event

Vuokatti Hiihto is much more than just a skiing event. It’s a relaxing weekend with friends and enjoying good facilities.

Vuokatti Hiihto - Porukalla Vuokatti Hiihtoon kuva

With the group to Vuokatti Hiihto!

All Vuokatti Hiihto races are skied on the same day. Thus, after skiing it is easy for the whole group to relax enjoying Vuokatti’s facilities.

Vuokatti Hiihto - Haasta ystäväsi kunnolla kuva

Challenge your friends!

The Vuokatti Hiihto weekend is best enjoyed with a good friend. Challenge your friends to the event and spend an unforgettable event weekend in Vuokatti!

Vuokatti Hiihto - Viimeistele kisakunto Pastapartyssa kuva

Complete your race fitness at Pastaparty!

Refuel your energy reserves on Friday 15.3.2024 from 17.00 to 20.00 in Vuokatti hiihto’s Pastaparty at Vuokatti Sport’s O’las restaurant. In addition to good food, we offer activities and tips for the next day’s skiing experience.

Register now

Lock in your event goals in time

Vuokatti Hiihto participation fees are rising the closer the event gets. The earlier you sign up, the more you save and at the same time you get to focus on the main thing, skiing

Vuokatti Hiihto news

Stay tuned and pick up the best tips

In Vuokatti you can ski all year round. Follow our news and stay updated with what’s happening in Vuokatti and Vuokatti Hiihto.

Vuokatti Hiihto - Uutiset kuva

Vuokatti Hiihto is best in a group!

Now you can reserve your own pit spot for your ski team at the start and finish area of Vuokatti Hiihto. With your own pit ...
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Vuokatti Hiihto - Uutiset kuva

Vuokatti Hiihto’s new race option is 14 km

Vuokatti Hiihto now offers a new easy 14 km option from Rönkkö to Urheiluopisto. The route is well suited for those who enjoy easy going ...
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Vuokatti Hiihto - Uutiset kuva

Register by 15.12.

Vuokatti Hiihto’s cheapest prices expires on December 15, so sign up for the event now and lock in the main goal of the winter at ...
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As a partner of Vuokatti Hiihto, you support exercise and sports in Kainuu

Reliable partners are the cornerstone of successful Vuokatti Hiihto. Vuokatti Hiihto’s partnership is also an investment in Kainuu resident`s well-being, as the proceeds of the event will be used for Kainuun Liikunta’s basic work to promote physical activity and well-being in Kainuu.