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Kainuu Endurance Experience – challenge yourself in nature’s own arena, in Kainuu.

Endurance Kainuu:

Endurance Kainuu

Your event experience in Kainuu

Endurance Kainuu offers event experiences throughout the year, in nature’s own arena – in Kainuu. Our events are open to everyone, providing an opportunity to enjoy leisurely physical activity or compete seriously on various courses. Join us, and let’s meet in Kainuu!

Endurance Kainuu events

Something for everyone, in every season

Endurance Kainuu events encourage physical activity throughout the year. Our events offer suitable series and distances for both those seeking experiences in fitness and the most competitive athletes.

Endurance Kainuu - Vuokatti Hiihto tapahtumakuva

Vuokatti Hiihto

Vuokatti Hiihto is the season-ending cross-country skiing event for everyone, set in the spring landscapes of Vuokatti. The event offers a wide range of skiing distances from 14 km up to 100 km, covering both skiing styles.

Endurance Kainuu - Vuokatin Vaellus tapahtumakuva

Vuokatin Vaellus

Vuokatin Vaellus is Finland’s oldest trekking event, covering over 13 hills in the Vuokatti region. Over the years, many notable figures from Finnish culture and elite athletes have traversed the trails of Vuokatti hills.

Endurance Kainuu - Raatteen Maraton tapahtumakuva

Raatteen Maraton

Raatteen Maraton is perhaps Finland’s most emotional marathon event, traversing the historical battlegrounds of Raate Road. The event pays tribute to the veterans of our wars who fought for our independence and made sacrifices for it.

Endurance Kainuu - Lost in Kainuu tapahtumakuva

Lost in Kainuu

Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race is a versatile and immersive adventure race set in the stunning nature and hill landscapes of Kainuu. The event features adventure series suitable for both beginners and experienced veterans.

Endurance Kainuu - Tour de Kainuu tapahtumakuva

Tour de Kainuu

Tour de Kainuu is a communal two-day road cycling event where participants ride through the stunning hill landscapes of Kainuu under the guidance of guides, divided into suitable pace groups. The central location of the event is in Vuokatti.

Endurance Kainuu - Kainuun Rastiviikko tapahtuma kuva

Kainuu Orienteering Week

Kainuu Orienteering Week is Finland’s largest and oldest orienteering week, which gathers approximately 3000-5000 orienteers, from beginners to top international orienteers, to orienteering and vacation in Kainuu.