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Kainuu Endurance Experience – challenge yourself in nature’s own arena, in Kainuu.

Lost in Kainuu:

LOST IN KAINUU Vuokatti, Sotkamo, Finland

Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race 4.-7.9.2024

KaInuu Wilderness landscapes, the spirit of Lost in Kainuu and well-functioning arrangements. They have been turned into an adventure that will be remembered for a long time! In Lost in Kainuu Adventure you will find a diverse selection of series from a 3-hour adventure to a 48-hour adventure.

Lost in Kainuu - Tietoa tapahtumasta kuva
Lost in Kainuu - Tietoa tapahtumasta kuva

Event info

Finland’s biggest adventure race

An adventure race for everyone

Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race is an adventure race for the whole nation, bringing together both first-timers and more experienced veterans. A wide range of series of different lenghts and moderate equipment requirements make it possible to participate in the competition, even for those who have no previous experience of adventure sports. For active enthusiasts of the sport, the competition offers challenging route selection tasks and the opportunity to compete in along race in Finland.

Top quality arrangements guarantee an adventure experience

Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race is carried out in close cooperation with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, so there is a lot of young organizing power behind the event. Lost in Kainuu has also invested in the number of services, such as meals, even though the competition takes place in challenging conditions.

Lost in Kainuu tips

Unforgettable adventure with best friends

Lost in Kainuu Adventrue Race is more than just an adventure race. At its best, it is a physical and mental challenge that welds friends together, creating an eternal shared experience.

Lost in Kainuu - Suuntana seikkailukisa kuva

Heading for an adventure race

Take control of the adventure race with tips from an experienced adventurer. Remember that you don’t need to be an experienced adventurer to participate in the Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race, but a good basic condition goes a long way.

Lost in Kainuu - Haasta ystäväsi kunnolla kuva

Challenge your friends!

Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race is best enjoyed with a good friend. Challenge your friends to an adventure that will be remembered even years later!

Lost in Kainuu - Maailmancup-osakilpailu kuva

For the first time also AR1 World cup competition

Lost in Kainuu Adventure Race 2024 is a 48-hour mixed adventure 1 world cup European race and the Finnish championship. The winner of the competition will receive free entry to the 2025 World cup final!

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Lock your adventure goals in time

Lost in Kainuu Adventure has staggered participaton fees, so the earlier you sign up, the more you save. At the same time you get to focus on the main thing, training.

Lost in Kainuu news

Follow our news and be less lost

In Lost in Kainuu just always happens a lot, but the best way to stay on the map s to follow our news.

Lost in Kainuu - Uutiset kuva

Lost in Kainuu Adventure is for everyone

The adventure race is not just about hard work for the tops, but any fitness enthusiast with a good basic condition can join in. In ...
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Lost in Kainuu - Uutiset kuva

Now for the first time a World Cup race

Lost in Kainuu Adventure, which will be held in Sokamo on 5-7.9.2024, will also be the European leg of the adventure 1 World Cup for ...
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Lost in Kainuu - Uutiset kuva

Lost In Kainuu Adventure 2024 takes place in Sotkamo

In 2024, Lost in Kainuu Adventure will take place in the hilly landscapes of Sotkamo and Vuokatti. It’s going to be another amazing adventure, as ...
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As a partner of Lost in Kainuu Adventure, you support exercise and sports in Kainuu

Reliable partners are the cornerstone of successful Vuokatti Skiing. The partnership of Lost in Kainuu Adventure is also an investment in moving Kainuu residents, as the proceeds of the event will be used for the basic work of Kainuun Liikunta to promote physical activity and well-being in Kainuu.